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 Candidate Lessons
 Posted: Apr 28 2013, 06:46 PM

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Candidate Lessons

*NOTE: There will be a block of four lessons posted a week, these are for Searched Candidates outside of Final Haven and they will begin with Lesson 1. If a Candidate is created already a part of Final Haven Life they will begin on the Fourth Lesson.

Block 1

Lesson 1: Introduction

Introduce new candidates to Final Haven life.

Lesson 2: Respect/ Weyr Ethics

Respect to not only the riders and handlers, but also other inhabitants of the Weyr.

Lesson 3: Barrack and Chore Responsibilities

You are responsible for keeping your area clean and organized. You will also be introduced to the chores you may be assigned to.

Block 2

Lesson 4: Mine and Rock Climbing

The mines of Final Haven are very important to to the Weyr and must be tended to so they can be excavated for their fine dust. It's also great exercise to climb and crawl through the safer mines.

Lesson 5: Redstone Mining

The fine dust of the mine is needed to make the red tinted glass Whers require to roam about during the day. One must learn WHICH sand to gather.

Lesson 6: Swimming

Yes Rugalith Lake is the main water source of Final Haven, but thanks to the sand that continues to purify the waters it is also a place of recreation.

Block 3

Lesson 7: Tunnelsnake Control

Just like all of the other Weyrs, Tunnelsnakes are a problem and can damage the structural integrity of the Weyr.

Lesson 8: Introduction to the Crafts

A Candidate must learn a craft be it from their family line or something they see of interest to them. A craft must learned in order to make the candidate a stable member of Final Haven society.

Lesson 9: Sex

Yes, sex is a big part of the Weyr.

Block 4

Lesson 10: Goldflights

What to expect when a Goldflight occurs.

Lesson 11: Sirenflights

What to expect when a Sirenflight occurs.

Lesson 12: Firestone

Breaking, Bagging, and Throwing. You'll need to know it all in order to help your dragon learn to flame...once you Impress one that is.

Block 5

Lesson 13: Hatching Robes

Let's get those robes together, Hatching will be soon and they will be needed.

Lesson 14: Hatching Day

All you need to know about what will happen on Hatching Day.

Lesson 15: What if you Don't Impress?

There's always next time, right? What should you know about what will happen if you don't Impress.

Lesson 16: Visiting the Eggs/ Touching

Time to Touch the Eggs, one of the biggest steps you must take in order to Impress. This will only be included in the Lessons if there is a Clutch on the Sands.

End of Training

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Anhayllei- Siren Slither Alliah/ Quartz (M) Mohark Zolnd
Mylela- Blue Firelizard Oasis
Xandir- Sapphire Mohark Blue Moon
S`uha- Brown Firelizard Milian/ Tenor Slither Tremor
Kyrix- Sunstone Crawler Taia/ Sapphire Crawler Guru
Fallin- Brown Firelizard Cinder/ Garnet Mohark (M) Peelo
Junip- Polecat Rare Tunnelcat Streak/ Desert Jumper (M) Yaosh

Benden Weyrleader Bronzerider Kin`old

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